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Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2002 21:39:13 -0700
From: maa32 
Subject: (urth) early-40s?

So sorry about the geritol comment - Silk just comes off in the last two books 
as a little bit older than I know he is - mainly that advice he gives those 
young girls - it seems like it is coming from a much (65+)older man than 
someone in their early forties. Does this mean Horn is in his late 30s?! And 
already balding?
Has it only been twenty years since The Book of the Long Sun by the end of 
Return to the Whorl?!  I guess I forgot how young Horn was when he had 
children ... Silk was 23 (exactly my age) in The Book of the Long Sun ... so 
he's only 43? Younger than Jackie Chan?  I am well aware that someone can be 
exceptionally fit well into their fifties, sixties, or even seventies ... look 
at Jhoon Rhee, who won that congressional award for being the most fit old 
dude a couple years in a row, doing 100+ pushups in a minute and having like a 
7-9% body fat in his 70s.  I guess Silk really does seem exceptionally 
paternal and it is hard for me to rationalize an early 40s Silk. (My own 
father is 62, and I can't imagine him giving that kind of advice to me - in 
many ways he seems "younger" than Silk) As far as geritol goes, hey man, 
supplements are all the rage now. Sorry about the geritol comment, didn't mean 
to offend.  It just kind of slipped out!

As far as smoking goes in Pandora, when I talked about her mother confronting 
her, that was the one scene of smoking I was talking about - but it comes as a 
surprise, because she doesn't talk about doing it at all throughout the book, 
and here her mother is hinting that it might be a habit. Just an odd omission 
up to that point, in my mind.

Sorry again, didn't mean to be caustic.  Just a description!  I guess I never 
realized how young Silk was - or how young Hyacinth was when she died.

Marc Aramini


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