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Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 14:00:13 -0400 (EDT)
From: Mark Millman 
Subject: Re: (urth) Tracking Down the Hits


I meant both "easier to find than _Crank!_ #3" and "probably
easy to find at your local bookstore"--at least two near me
have it in stock, though I admit that one is an SF specialty
bookstore (Pandemonium in Cambridge, MA, for those who are
interested--standard disclaimers apply, i.e., that I have no
personal interest in the store's success--but on the other
hand, I would like to see it survive), and the other is a
Barnes & Noble, which you may not want to patronize.  You
might, however, have a look at the book at your local B&N to
see whether you think the entire anthology is worth getting,
and if you like I'll get a copy at Pandemonium and send it
to you.  It's also possible that B&N around here has it be-
cause Broken Mirrors (Bryan Cholfin's house, which he closed
when he got an editorial job in New York--_Crank!_ was his
magazine) was a local publisher, so it may be harder to find
in other parts of the country.

Some further notes, while I'm at it:

"Loco Parentis" is about foster parentage, and is slight, in
my opinion; I preferred "Robot's Story", also in A,DV.  I
think the story about a boy in a treehouse is "Paul's Tree-
house", which has certain affinities with "And When They
Appear" (previously discussed on the list).

I should point out that the Spring 1988 issue of _Weird
Tales_ is a special Gene Wolfe issue, and probably a worth-
while purchase; it contains a revised version of Wolfe's
first sale, "The Dead Man".  I was able to find two copies
on ABE (http://www.abebooks.com), one for ten dollars and
one for six.  My search criteria were:

   Title:  Weird Tales
   Keywords:  1988

One of the used book stores in Cambridge has had (I don't
know whether it's still there) a copy of "Sacred Visions";
if you like, I'll send you that, too.

And again, _Monochrome_ has been fairly easy to find around
here, both used and at B&N, but then Readercon is a local
event and _Monochrome_ was published by Broken Mirrors.  As
general anthologies go, this one is probably worth getting;
in addition to "The Monday Man", it has stories by Ellen
Kushner, James Morrow, and Paul Park, among others; poems by
Thomas Disch; and an introduction by Samuel R. Delaney.  Of
course, I've cited the authors I like, and your mileage may

I hope this proves helpful.


On Thu, 11 Apr 2002, Rostrum (Michael Straight) wrote:

> Thanks to mantis, John Barach (whose bibliography
> I've cut/pasted from below) and all the others who
> helped recommend uncollected Wolfe shorts.
> Here's my list of most of the shorts that got recom-
> mended by someone, with a start at trying to order
> them by how easy they would be to get:
> * Game in the Pope's Head
> * The Boy Who Hooked the Sun
>         The Year's Best Fantasy: Second Annual Col-
>                 lection, ed. Ellen Datlow & Terri
>                 Windling, St. Martin's, 1989
> These two are clear winners: multiple recommenda-
> tions, two in the same collection, and I'm pretty
> sure my library has this book.
> * Loco Parentis, Again, Dangerous Visions, ed. Har-
>                 lan Ellison, Doubleday, 1972.
> This anthology is pretty common.  In fact, I thought
> I'd read it.  Is "Loco Parentis" about a boy in a
> treehouse?
> * The Tale of the Four Accused, Arabesques 2, ed.
>                 Susan Shwartz, Avon, 1989
> * Pocketsful of Diamonds, Strange Attraction, ed.
>               Edward Kramer, ShadowLands, 2000.
> * Houston, 1943, Tropical Chills, ed. Tim Sullivan,
>               Avon, 1988
> Available in the UNC library.
> * The Sailor Who Sailed After the Sun
>        The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Sixth An-
>                 nual Collection, ed. Ellen Datlow &
>                 Terri Windling, St.  Martin's, 1993
> I think my public library has this series.
> * Remembrance to Come, Orbit 6, 1970.
> I think the public library has many of the Orbits
> too.
> * Empires of Foliage and Flower
>         The Best of Crank!, ed. Bryan Cholfin, Tor,
>         1998
> Nacre said this would be easy to find.  Or did he
> just mean, "easier than tracking down a copy of
> Crank #3"?
> * The Night Chough, The Crow: Shattered Lives & Bro-
>                 ken Dreams, ed. J. O'Barr & Ed Kra-
>                 mer, Ballantine Del Rey, 1998
> I've heard of this book elsewhere, which seems prom-
> ising.
> * Slow Children at Play, Cheap Street: New Castle,
>                 VA, 1989
> * At the Point of Capricorn, Cheap Street, 1983
>         Weird Tales Spring 1988
> These are probably right out, as I can't afford a
> Cheap Street and I doubt I can find back issues of
> Weird Tales.
> * Lord of the Land, Lovecraft's Legacy, ed. Robert
>                 Weinberg & Martin H. Greenberg, Tor,
>                 1990
>         Best New Horror 2, ed. Stephen Jones & Ram-
>                 sey Campbell, Robinson, 1991
>         The Giant Book of Best New Horror, ed. Ste-
>                 phen Jones & Ramsey Campbell, Mag-
>                 pie, 1993
>         Cthulhu 2000: A Lovecraftian Anthology, ed.
>                 Jim Turner, Arkham House, 1995
> Any thoughts about which of these might be the easi-
> est to find? (wait, I see UNC has the first one -
> yay!)
> * The Seraph from the Sepulcher, Sacred Visions, ed.
>                 Andrew M. Greeley & Michael Cassutt,
>                 Tor, 1991
> * The Monday Man, Monochrome: The Readercon Antholo-
>                 gy, ed. Bryan Cholfin, Broken Mir-
>                 rors Press, 1990
> Any ideas about these two?  Not available at UNC,
> but I might try the public library.
> Of course I could probably track any of these down
> on the web, but I wasn't thinking of buying a whole
> anthology for one story.  Unless someone wants to
> recommend one or more of these books as worth buying
> for the other stories.
> -Rostrum


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