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Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002 08:28:58 -0700
From: Michael Andre-Driussi 
Subject: (urth) uncollected articles by Gene Wolfe

No, I'm not trying to make a new list of uncollected pieces, honest!

At the moment I have a side project, or a trivia question that I don't want
to clutter up the list with.  So if anyone reading this has a good
collection of Wolfe articles (essays, interviews of Gene [including the
"Wounded Galaxies" one, if that title I remember rightly], but not reviews
of books) not contained in CASTLE OF DAYS or PLAN[E]T ENGINEERING, please
contact me via private email.

In further detail: anyone who has hardcopy or even remembers reading any of
the following, please contact me.

"The Bellman's Wonder Ring": CLARION SF, Wilhelm, Berkley, 1977
"Eaters of the Dead": Fantasy Newsletter (fnz) #53, 11-82 (date)
"Organizing a life to write": Empire (fnz) 2-79
"Our Young Gamer": Vector (fnz) #118, 2-84
"The Profession of Science Fiction: XVIII": Foundation #18, 1-80
"The Special Problems of Science Fiction": THE WRITER'S HANDBOOK, Burick,
Writer, 1978
"The Tolkien Toll-Free Fifties Freeway to Mordor & Points Beyond Hurray!":
Vector (fnz) #67/68, Spring 1974
"What do They Mean, SF?": Writer 8-80

Together we know everything, it is just the retrieval side that gets bogged


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