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Date: Mon, 08 Apr 2002 22:20:42 -0700
From: maa32 
Subject: (urth) years

Hey Roy, that was the big thing I was asking before:
Three years have passed for the narrator, but only two have passed for the 
people on Blue ( I think).  If we want to, we can see this as a true 
distortion of time: Horn is dying about a year after he leaves home on Green, 
then he is sent back a year in the past into Silk's body, so that he is in two 
places at once - in other words, Silk was already in trouble, and maybe 
already Horn, when Horn asked Mucor to find him, possibly making her 
appearance in Return to the Whorl at the Same time that she looked for Silk in 
On Blue's Waters, and giving us ample evidence of time travel.
The big huge gaping problem with this theory is: how long has it been for 
Sinew? probably three years, right?  If we can find that it has only been two 
for Sinew, this is a pretty neat distortion.  Otherwise, I can't even begin to 
explain it, but I've commented on it before.  It really blew my mind.  Two 
years?  Three years?  And everybody kept saying three years. You see what I'm 
talking about?

Marc Aramini


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