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Date: Fri, 05 Apr 2002 23:01:00 -0700
From: maa32 
Subject: (urth) Bigger Lune

Roy, unfortunately, you are missing the small detail at the end of Return to 
the Whorl where Hoof looks up in the sky and claims that Lune (he calls it 
"Green") is much bigger than Green ever is in the sky (and at 30,000 leagues 
distant at conjunction, this is much closer than the moon ever is 
(approximately 80,000 leagues in our time)) [even though the moon is much much 
closer in Rudesind's time according to the Shadow of the Torturer - we don't 
know HOW much closer - enough to compensate?].  I already commented on this. 
This means, if they are at equal distances, Lune would have to be either 
closer than 30,000 leagues or much much BIGGER than Green. This means Green 
should even have LESS gravity than the moon, maybe. Read that chapter again if 
you don't believe me.  Let's face it, arguing about the size is pretty 
fruitless without the sizes in real units; we are just guessing.
I don't think this really puts the nail in the coffin for Blue=Ushas.  
Remember how at one point the narrator says we only have to think of three 
whorls to solve the mystery of the inhumu?  Then why does Juganu claim "We are 
everywhere!"  I believe that the previous statement can still apply - and how 
do we reconcile them?  By making only three whorls total.  Oh well.  You will 
never believe me.  That's cool.  No hard feelings. 
Marc Aramini
PS - For Dan'l: Does my name lend itself easily to the latin "Marcus 
Araminius"?  My friends used to call me that a lot, too.  They used to throw 
in my middle name Anthony as Antonius, too.  I think it's pretty cool, myself.
 Have a good night, everybody!


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