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Date: Mon, 01 Apr 2002 07:04:05 +0200
From: Christopher Culver 
Subject: (urth) Wizard Knight and after

I've been corresponding with Gene Wolfe for a few weeks now, and I'm 
pleasantly surprised that he has time to answer letters from fans.

Apparently, The Wizard Knight will be in two volumes called, 
appropriately enough, WIZARD and KNIGHT. Wolfe seems to be pretty modest 
about his talents, he tells me there's no guarantee that David Hartwell 
will accept it.

I asked him if after Wizard Knight we'd see a conclusion to the Soldier 
series, and his response was "I don't know what my next book will be. Or 
even if there will be a next book. If there is, it may be another 
Soldier book. If it is, it may conclude the series, though I doubt it." 
That the Soldier series wouldn't be completed after three volumes makes 
me wonder what sort of plans Wolfe has come up with for Latro since 
SOLDIER OF ARETE was published.

I wonder why the Soldier series tends to be the most underappreciated of 
Wolfe's work. (Well, it's certainly rated higher than Operation Ares for 
everyone, I'm sure.)

Christopher Culver


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