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Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 11:13:52 -0800
Subject: Re: (urth) sf works featuring spectrum of alien bio-chemistries
From: Jason Ingram 

Jack Chalker's _Web World_ seemed to present an interesting treatment of 
this issue, from what I remember  (I read those books back in the early 
eighties, and would not recommend the author).  The premise is that some 
uber-aliens experimented with various life forms, seeding them in 
hexagonal bounded territories on a single planet.  He distinguishes 
carbon from non-carbon based life forms, and spends some time discussing 
how various species were situated to make it hard for any one to conquer 
neighboring species.

I don't recall much science, however.


On Wednesday, March 27, 2002, at 08:49 AM, Michael Andre-Driussi wrote:

> The latest recurrence of the thread on human/alien DNA compatibility has
> brought to my mind what I consider to be the strongest cases.


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