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Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 09:25:20 -0700
From: maa32 
Subject: (urth) fifth head stuff

As far as the analysis of the "two names" that have always described number 
five, I often think those were simply "number" and "five"; (in other words, I 
think the narrator has the name Wolfe, but that the particular statement of 
having two names might be irrelevant to it; or at least not a "specific" clue 
[of course, it isn't much of a clue with our common naming conventions removed 
from a patronymic system]) but nice point about the attendance roster 
alphabet.  Perhaps the role is arbitrary... certainly his last name starts 
with a W from those library clues... it must be Wolfe.

By the way, you mention pictures of Wolfe ... in Letters Home, there are some 
surprising pictures of him.  For one, he is RAIL, STRING BEAN POLE thin.  I am 
not kidding.  He was really skinny as a young man, with a kind of narrow face 
but prominent nose.  He doesn't resemble those pictures in the least now. 
Indeed, he boxed in the military at about 135 pounds (I'm not sure how tall he 
is, but he looks to be of slightly above average height in the photo; 
certainly tall for 135) (I'm 5'8'', 125 ... and he looks narrower in the chest 
than me in those photos).

I've read Fifth Head, but I'm not super-familiar with it; my convictions about 
the text are tenuous and should not be taken very seriously. 
Marc Aramini


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