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Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 22:28:08 -0800
From: Dan Rabin 
Subject: (urth) More uncollected Wolfe

A Method Bit in "B", _Orbit 8_
Forlesen (shorter version w/o Abraham Beale), _Orbit 14_
Petting Zoo, (collected in _Year's Best SF 3_, ed. Hartwell, 1st app. 
_Dinosaur Fantastic II_)
The Fifth Head of Cerberus (minor variant of the novella: doesn't 
mention Vernor Vinge), _Orbit 10_
The Night Chough, _The Crow_

"Method Bit" and "Petting Zoo" are minor but amusing; "Night Chough" 
is quite dramatic and contains Oreb.

   -- Dan Rabin


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