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Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 08:38:25 -0800
From: Michael Andre-Driussi 
Subject: Re: (urth) Uncollected Wolfe

Rostrum wrote:

>There's an awful lot of uncollected short stories out there, so I was
>wondering if those of you who have tracked them down might suggest which
>are the most worth chasing.  What are some of the best Wolfe stories not
>found in the common anthologies (e.g., the ones I have):

Hey, wait a second!  Jonathan Laidlow had a nice list of uncollected Wolfe
fiction at Ultan's Library back before it moved, but today I looked and I
couldn't find the list.  Was it removed for some important reason (if it
was in deference to a new edition of URTHMAN EXTRAORDINARY, the =essential=
[and =inexpensive=] Gene Wolfe bibliography, then I say we start agitating
for the release of a new edition!) or just lost in the shuffle?  (IIRC it
was not annotated with regard to story content, but this itself could be an
interesting new project!)

And speaking of Ultan's List, the Borski response to Wright's 5HC essay has
been promised in the next few hours for a month now . . . shades of time
dilation, as Jonathan edges closer to the speed of light! 

Finally, a tidbit on "It's Very Clean": this story has allusions to
Disneyland, and as such it falls in with those other Wolfe stories, big and



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