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From: Jeff Snader 
Subject: RE: (urth) Posthistory league-high cliff notes
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 07:40:20 -0500

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Subject: (urth) Posthistory league-high cliff notes

G Willickers wrote:
>   I was not concerned as much with continued
>pollution greater than human carelessness and lack of
>concern, more with what happened, or what went wrong.
>We have witnesses the 'downfall' of our own space
>program for the sole reason that it's not necessary,
>and there haven't been any significant developements.
>I do not partake to this view, but, obviously, some
>   Considering this, my inquiry perhaps should have
>been the following: "what would possibly motivate us
>to take the initiative towards leaving Earth". I think
>that the fact that humanity has attained interstellar
>technologies, and that Earth is for all purposes
>medieval, suggests that is has been abbandoned for
>some reason or another, and I ruled out mass attack or
>invasion (from extraterrestrials, perhaps) because the
>snippits of history presented in New Sun focus rather
>on history that's ancient to us, and does not mention
>outside-in contact.

As a matter of fact Typhon represents an alien invader, and it seems
probable that he brought the exultants along with him.  From how far afield
they came (perhaps as nearby as Skuld or Verthandi; beyond this, the stars)
remains unknown.

It does make sense that the exultants where a spacefaring race.  They have a
technological superiority over the rest of the populace. They could possibly
be from a planet with a weaker gravitational pull, which one could attribute
to their height.



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