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Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2002 20:06:46 -0800
From: Michael Andre-Driussi 
Subject: Re: (urth) Appian from 'the cat', need help with report

G Willickers wrote:
>   Appian was (through info provided in "The Cat")
>Autarch 62 years before Severian became Autarch. This
>train of thought inspired by recently joining urth.net
>and re-reading (atleast beginning to) all posts. I'm
>not tremendously far, so this might have already been
>   I came to my conclusion based upon: Odilo has
>served for 20 years, Currently (relative to "the cat")
>5 years after sev. gains power, Sancha leaving for a
>50 year time period, Sancha returning in 3rd year of
>Odilo's service, and (finally) Appian being Autarch
>when Sancha left. Please don't quote this without
>checking math first, I hate responsibility.

My most recent numbers are:

80 PS (pre-Severian's Reign) Odilo I born, Sancha born.

66 PS scandal in reign of Autarch Appian: Sancha (age 14) in disgrace,
Lomer (age 28) sent to the antechamber (II, ch. 15).

62 PS Chatelaine Sancha leaves the House Absolute.

50 PS Odilo II born (II, ch. 19)

15 PS Odilo II begins work at the House Absolute.

12 PS Chatelaine Sancha returns to the House Absolute.

10 PS Thecla (13 years old) sees Sancha alive (II, ch. 15).

 6 PS Chatelaine Sancha dies, age 75.

 1 PS Most events of TBOTNS

 1 SR The Third Battle of Orithyia. Severian becomes autarch after killing
"the Old Autarch" (Appian).

 ? SR Severian lives among Ascians for a year as a slave (V, ch. 51)

 5 SR Odilo II tells tale of "The Cat"

35 SR Odilo III begins work at the House Absolute?

50 SR Severian returns from Yesod . . . . meets Odilo III, Pega, Thais, and
Eata (V, ch. 44-46)

150 SR The Sleeper awakens, raises up Pega, Thais, and Odilo.


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