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Date: Sun, 3 Mar 2002 10:30:55 -0800
From: Dan Rabin 
Subject: (urth) [off-topic] Futurama/Turangalila

James Jordan supposes correctly that the name of the Futurama 
character Turanga Leela is derived from the title of the work by 
Messaien.  I checked with my friend Jeff Westbrook, who used to write 
for the show; and he checked with Matt Groening, its creator:

At 12:01 PM -0800 3/1/02, Jeffery Westbrook wrote:
>Checked with Matt.  The name Turanga Leela is indeed based on the Messiaen
>opera.  Apparently it was a favorite of his a while ago.

OK, I owe the list some Wolfe content.

   -- Dan Rabin


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