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Subject: (urth) re: Brack Flank
Date: Sat, 2 Mar 2002 17:03:11 +0000 (GMT)
From: Ranjit Bhatnagar 

I can't resist reposting this, which I wrote in '95:

I was listening to k.d. lang's album "Ingenue" when I
realized that the first side of the album is clearly taken
from the _Book of the New Sun._  (Caution: spoilers!)  

Let's examine the evidence, song by song:

1.      SAVE ME

        Save me
        Save me from you
        But pave me
        The way to you
        Lead me upon the captive free...

What could that be but Thecla wheedling Severian?


        ...Where is your head, Kathryn?
        Where is your head?

The Feast of Holy Katherine.  Do I have to draw a picture?


        ...I can't explain why I've become
        Miss Chatelaine


        You swim
        Swim through my veins...

Severian takes the alzabo with the flesh of Chatelaine
Thecla and absorbs her memories and personality, leading to
confusion and identity crisis as she is in effect
reincarnated in his body.

5.      SO IT SHALL BE

        Now curtain the moon
        But faith swears
        It will shine again soon
        Shine with love
        You've been hiding from me...

Severian harbors a false hope that Thecla still lives, and
is waiting for him, somewhere, just out of sight.

        ...Like daylight chasing the dark...

(Notice the sun/moon/shadow symbolism that recurs throughout
the Book of the New Sun.)

        I can exist being caught by your kiss
        Or grant you control
        Of my body and soul
        Ask it and so it shall be

Eventually he must accept that if she lives at all, it is
only within him.

lang clearly is not trying to recapitulate the entire _Book
of the New Sun_; rather, she's focusing on one particular
storyline of interest to her.  I have probably missed many
of the significant details, and I don't know what the second
half of the album is about.  I welcome your comments.



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