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From: "Seth Lombardi" 
Subject: (urth) Blank Frack
Date: Fri, 01 Mar 2002 18:14:11 -0600

I am aware of the meaning of the word, and fully admit the song has little 
to do with a pelagic argosy sighting land.
Yes, this is wishful thinking on my part. I'm being a goofball. Sorry if it 
come accross as if I had a strong conviction about this; I was just thrilled 
to have a pop song that so recalled BOTNS, to me personally.

But "in the wake of his chariot", _could_ be the new sun? Eh? Eh?

Okay, maybe not.

Still, pelagic is one helluva weird word to put in a rock song, where the 
purpose is not to appear erudite, doncha think?
I will shut up about this now, and only reiterate that just about anyone 
into GW would probably like this guy's music.


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