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From: "Nigel Price" <nigel.a.price@virgin.net>
Subject: Wright to reply
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 01:10:43 -0000

I'm always glad to get replies to e-mails, however long the delay...

Back in August, Ron Crown asked on this list about two new books of Wolfe
criticism which he had seen mentioned in Locus as being due to be published
shortly. The books were written by Peter Wright, and I said that I would
contact him to find out further particulars.

I wrote to Peter on 24 August, and he replied today. This is what he said.
(The photo referred to is the picture I took of the symposium delegates.) I
also append my reply and Peter's further response.


Dear Nigel,

Thank you for your letter.  I'm sorry it's taken this long to reply but the
start of the Semester has been more hectic than usual - I'm leading the film
studies programme this year and have spent most of my time chasing students
around trying to find out if they know where they should be!

As for the books:

Attending Daedalus is my own book, which reprint the material in Foundation
66 with seven (yes, seven) other chapters on Wolfe and The Urth Cycle,
including ideas about the series as a metafictional masquerade, a memory
system, and an act of generic sleight of hand.  It's all good stuff, I
assure you!  And bound to generate as much disagreement as the articles did.

Shadows of the New Sun is a collection of non-fiction reprints from Castle
of the Otter, etc. plus new material and reviews, including a witty piece on
Wolfe's Guide to Permissive English.  I wanted to get a British run of stuff
from Castle of Days and this seemed to be the best way forward.  It also
features Gene Wolfe in Conversation and one or two other gems.  As far as I
know the University has secured reprint rights, but I've still have no
official word on this.

I'm still keen on editing a collection of critical essays on Wolfe,
providing I can find a publisher.  More on that in the future, I hope, so
keep your pen poised.

Thanks for the photograph and I certainly hope you are well.

Best wishes and sorry for the delay,


Hi Peter!

Thanks for getting back with the information on "Attending Daedalus" and
"Shadows of the New Sun".

Do I gather that neither of these books is actually released yet? I've had
another look on the web, but still can't find them anywhere.

As you gather, I'm keen to read them.

Best wishes for the film studies course.



Dear Nigel,

No, neither have been released yet.  Liverpool University Press tend to work
at a pace measured in glaciations rather than anything else.  Give it
another epoch or two and they should be out.

Actually, they're scheduled for next year (2002).

All best wishes,



Has Jonathan mentioned yet that he's added Peter Wright's essay on "The
Fifth Head of Cerberus" to the Ultan's Library website? It's good stuff, and
you'll find it at http://www.ultan.co.uk/.


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