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From: Charles Dye <raster@highfiber.com>
Subject: (urth) Re: Nodes
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 1999 21:15:56

Nigel Price writes:

>>>You Might Be An Urthling, If...
>Oh, Mitchell, wonderful - I loved this posting!

Where can I get a "Severian Lives" bumper sticker?  (Argent on fuligin,
if there's a choice of colors!)

>Do I count as an Urthling if I've got drives on my network named after
>characters and places in the Urth Cycle?  My C: drive is "Conciliator", and
>somewhere there's an F: drive called "Fuligin", a G: drive called "Gyoll",
>and an H: drive called Hildegrin.

I shipped a set of six workstations once, and gave them network names
of Thecla, Dorcas, Jolenta, Pia, Daria, and Valeria.  The MIS people
who bought them immediately renamed 'em after Peanuts characters, of
course.  Life just is not fair.


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