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From: Clifford Drane <dranec@hotmail.com>
Subject: (urth) Eyeflash/Sugarland
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 1999 08:27:04 CDT

Thanks to Ranjit for the offline pointer to the searchable archives.

Mr. Ansley, I did read your wonderful posts about 'The Eyeflash Miracles'. 
You did a good job of pointing out the links between the two stories. I 
think further exploration about *why* the links are there at all is in 
order. Perhaps we'll find that it's just a little fun two-headed story that 
Wolfe whipped up.

There are two possibilities I can immediately think of for the Oz references 
- 1) Oz is an actual alternate reality of which Little Tib is a doorway, or 
2) Tib's powers simply conjure spirits that due to various reasons take the 
form of Oz characters.

Regarding Alice's post: "But I think Sugarland, in context, is the Big Rock 
Candy Mountain. You know, er, Heaven."

To which Keven responded: "Nothing in the rules says it can't be both."

I think it is most definitely both. Since the experiments conducted on the 
children took place in Houston, it is likely that they are still in or 
around Houston. And another cool fact: I live near some train tracks (which 
split River Oaks and the Galleria Area) that I think run straight to 
Sugarland (actually spelled Sugar Land, home of Tara Lipinski, the lil 
skatin' gal). From now on, whenever I hear that train, I'll be thinking of 
them. :)

Cliff Drane

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