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From: m.driussi@genie.com
Subject: (urth) Once Upon a Tempus
Date: Tue,  2 Jun 98 23:16:00 GMT


I'm happy that you are on the fairy tale level (I was getting scared
that you were ignoring it).  I must have missed the opening parts,
but your Cinderella and warning about waving are clearly about the
enigmatic Mrs. T as one of the two women resulting from
Cinderwalker's revival of the severed limb of the cattle drover's
wife as a complete woman--this was the one the cattle drover sent
away, since she couldn't chop wood . . .

And I suppose you are saying that she came to live with Cinderwalker
and became, thereby, Cinderelle.

But I thought you were saying before that V.R.T.'s mom was Three
Faces?  I'm confused.

Let's see--you mentioned Frogtown (which leads to "the cat from
Frogtown"), and there's the Master of Carabas bit in the back of
the beyond (June 4), and there's the black tom cat from Vienne . . .

. . . think cat-girl killed V.R.T.'s mom in mouse form?

A line of priest kings: starwalker, Cinderwalker, Trackwalker,
Twelvewalker . . .

Roy Twelvewalker = King Priest XII?

Making V.R.T. = King Priest XIII?  (Thirteen generations is around
260 years.)

And what about V.R.T.'s magical ability with rope, as recorded by
Marsch in the notebook?  I mean, aside from showing us his pure abo
pedigree heritage.  Could he have used rope to kill Marsch?  (It is
highly probable that he put Marsch's corpse up in the tree . . .
April 12 . . . "we are eating the prance-pony and have hung a haunch
from another tree two kilometers off for those who hunger.")

Back to the Naughty Weekend in Roncevaux (or "Horny Thorny") theory:
then again, really, do we expect our anthropologist will use his
field record (passport to posterity or at least a university job) to
record the hot and heavy in gritty detail for three whole pages?
Seems more likely to be short and coded--"Met S., long conversation
about Plato after dinner.  Got home late."


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