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From: m.driussi@genie.com
Subject: (urth) Cat from Capital City
Date: Tue,  2 Jun 98 22:28:00 GMT


Vienne is the capital of Sainte Croix, right?  And how far away from
Port-Mimizon--more than a stone's throw, don't you sense?  So how
extra weird for the junior officer to think, "Ah, that cemetary cat
from capital city . . . let's see if I can plug him with my trusty

What's this, "The Incredible Journey"?  One half-blind cat walks
across the continent (or maybe just thirty miles) seeking revenge . .
. he's pissed because Pluto is a dog name . . . oh yeah, happens all
the time here in the hallowe'en country says officer abo griffith.

Wish little Johnny had gotten his gun out, so we could see how good
he can shoot.  "Here's a shovel--let's see you dig a hole."

In the words of the Sid, "That cat something I can't explain."

Re: Saint-Dizier, do we have any sense of where it is located with
relation to the other cities of Sainte Anne?  If the records were
there, does that mean it was the old capital?  Is Frenchman's Landing
the current capital (this might explain the heightened expectations
of the citizens for their city, expectations never made good)?

Hey!  Marsch being circumcised (if he is) might translate into
Eastwind's condition of being castrated at birth in the confessional
fantasy "A Story."

Constellation update:

Provisionally let's say . . .

Eye of Cold        -- unknown.  Could be Aldabaran (eye of the Bull),
                      but not with the zodiac below because it is
                      right next to the Hyades.  Maybe one of the
                      eyes of Draco, that might work.

LOCAL ZODIAC (incomplete)
Five Flowers       -- the Hyades (we count six, Hesiod counted five)
Seeing Seed        -- unknown
Valley of Milk     -- Milky Way
Lost Wishes        -- unknown
Burning Hair Woman -- Coma Berenices

By thus provisionally divining three points, we can start sketching
lines to connect 'em and see what we get.  Or not.


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