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From: m.driussi@genie.com
Subject: (urth) 5HC--Love&Ballistics
Date: Tue,  2 Jun 98 06:12:00 GMT


Okay, the Marsch is homosexual angle rings up big points for
everything you mention =and= because of the lurking presence of
homosexuality in Proust's work.  Certainly goes a long way toward
explaining his flipping out over V.R.T.'s being with a woman.

However!  We know that Marsch was a pretty good shot, we know V.R.T.
was a pretty lousy shot.  So, what's with the balistics table?
Marsch doesn't seem to need it.  V.R.T. just might be able to use it.

Or is the ballistic table just one of the real red herrings?
Something that Marsch needed a long time ago, but quickly outgrew
(i.e., before getting out in the field), so in the field he can guess
the distance and adjust his aim accordingly without looking at the
table constructed specifically for a rifle of his caliber.

And "Good Lord, have you then discovered the secret of the bronzed
viscera puzzle?!"


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