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From: m.driussi@genie.com
Subject: (urth) 3 waves of colonists
Date: Tue,  2 Jun 98 04:21:00 GMT

There could be more than one wave of ancient colonists to Sainte
Anne.  Arbitrarily:

Gondwanaland: the Shadow Children (goblins)
Etruscan Italy: the Wetlanders (trolls)
Homeric Greece: the Free People (elves and dryads)
Poictsme: ?
Country of Friends: ?

A note about the lethal twins and David:

I wonder if David was designed by Maitre to be his own tanist--that
is, a twin for Number Five to kill in rivalry instead of killing
Maitre in usurpation?

It nearly happens, when the attack on the "mantis" slave goes awry
and Number Five's knife goes into David's thigh (with shades of the
brother-kill-brother in "A Story").  As Maitre patches David's leg up
without comment, he must be realizing that the ploy didn't work.


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