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From: "Robert Borski" <rborski@coredcs.com>
Subject: (urth) Le Guerre
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 1998 00:19:15 

Question to General (Five Star) mantis:

You seem to have given much consideration to the war which has taken place
on the sisterworlds of Sainte Croix-Saint Anne. I still say the
Nine-Eight-Six was a penal colony ship, but will honor your more obviously
militaristic background when you argue it was merely following a series of
war-mongering bellacitous first-strikers. You're the one with the purple
heart, after all (whereas mine is pacemaker-driven) and I don't need guns
now that I have Viagra. 

Perhaps, as a scholar of interplanetary war (I hear you were ASTEROIDS
champ in 6th grade), you'd care to comment on any of the following:

Do you attach any significance to the antebellum occupational forces on
Sainte Anne excluding the defeated French from helping to form a new
regime, but the same a.o.f. on Sainte Croix allowing it?
Specifically, what does this tell us about the war's victors--have Sainte
Anne and Sainte Croix been divied up like Berlin by some sort of
interplanetary Allies/UN conquering nexus? Or might, say, something like
the Vichy Resistance been operational on Sainte Croix, helping to undermine
the other French Croixians?

You see, I'm trying to account for some reason the sisterworlds were
allowed to develop differently once they were defeated--especially since
everything we're led to believe from Annese accounts the victors in the war
were simply English and not the Barsoomian Allied Megaspace Command.

I'm counting on you to fill me in, of course.

Don't disappoint me, Little General.

Saluting respecfully,
Pfc. Robert Borski 

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