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From: "J. Schultz" <jschultz@wcnet.org>
Subject: (urth) Re:Casting Call
Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 16:06:07 

Hello everyone,
    Back from vacation.  Catching up and biting my toungue untill the end so
I don't repeat everyone else. But...
Have to respond to this one, I was going to ask it a while back but held
off... didn't want to seem silly.  But now that its been broached...

Obviously any adaptation, Even a 5 part miniseries done by those "Merlin"
people : )  would be an absolute disaster.

Baldanders would have to be played by Andre the Giant from the "Princess
Bride"  Everytime B. enters the story I can only picture all 400 lbs of the
late pro wrestling star.  As a matter of fact, everyone should go out and
rent "Princess Bride"   I believe the whole cast for Urth can be found
there.  While the movie may be considered 'cute' it has always been one of
my favorites.  Takes a satirical look at traditional fantasy, nicely done.

Dr. Talos:  I see a Willy Wonka as played by Gene Wilder.  Showmanship with
a hint of the maniacal.

Charleton Heston will surely play Jonas to Inire's Dr Zaeis

Or for those of you with TV leanings
Severian:  Ritchie Cunningham
Roche:  Ralph Malph
Drotte:  Pottsie
Eata:  Chachi
M. Palaemon:  Al (the oriental one, more wisdom)
M. Gureloes:  Al (the later, 'white' Al, ...  He's a replacement and a fake)
Agia:  Pinky Tuskedero (you had to be a serious fan to know about her)
Baldanders:  Mr. C (hey, he was nice but could get REAL angry)
Matachin Tower:  Al's diner
Strange Machines on top Floor of Tower:  Jukebox
Voudalus:  The Fonz, (had a gang and was bad until
Ritchie turned him to good.)
Voudalus' Ziggurat:  Fonzie's Bathroom
Dorcas:  Joanie "Cupcake" Cunningham (young, innocent, AND related!)
Thecla:  Mary Beth (Ritchie's girl, later wife)
Tonite on "Happy Days:"
    The Fonz tries to find Ritchie to beat him up but ends up having his
bike unknowlingly stolen by Ritchie who has gotten a letter in class from
Mary Beth telling him to meet her at Makeout Point.  Ritchie finds out that
Pinky has set him up and forged the letter.  Richie and Pinky learn a
valuable lesson about forgivness.
    Ritchie, Potsy, Ralph and Chachi stay out way too late and end up
getting locked out.  Later that day Ritchie stops a fight that The Fonz is
about to get into.  They learn a valuable lesson about friendship.
    Ritchie finds out he's been sleeping with his sister.  Eats his dead
girlfriend.  Is fired by Al for not killing the customers.  Gets in a fist
fight with Mr. C.  Kills the Fonz... Ok, maybe it doesn't fit everything.

Good to be back, and Thanks for all the reading suggestions,

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