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From: tony.ellis@futurenet.co.uk (Tony Ellis)
Subject: (urth) Re: Digest urth.v011.n004
Date: 14 May 1998 18:08:53 +0100

 RE>Digest urth.v011.n004

Alga wrote:
>Jeremy Irons is too weedy for Sev, he'd look ridiculous in that costume. He
>could be Vodalus, though. Dan'l D-L has the figgah for it.

Oooooh, you're so cruel <g>. Seriously though, I've always seen Sev
as very much the lean, sinewy type, that's one of the reasons I 
thought of Irons.

The other is that Irons can do a very good Serious. Nobody can do
Serious like that man :-)

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