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From: Peter Westlake <peter@harlequin.co.uk>
Subject: Re: (urth) Pennington Covers; Suzanne Delage; Recommendations
Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 00:21:01 +0100

At 12:02 1998/05/09 -0400, David_Lebling@avid.com wrote:

>I'd like to add Keith Roberts' _Pavane_ and _The Chalk Giants_. Roberts
>has done other stuff, but these two seem to me to be the ones Wolfe fans
>will appreciate the most.

_Kaeti and Company_ is interesting too. It's several stories, in
which leading characters are played by a kind of metacharacter,
Kaeti, who discusses them with the author between stories. Also
_Molly Zero_ requires careful reading, though more for nuances
of character than to understand the plot.

>Christopher Priest's _The Inverted World_ is an interesting counterpoint
>to "Tracking Song."

Hey, I could read that again, after developing my literary detective
skills by reading Wolfe, and see if I understand the ending! Not that
one is meant to, I suspect.

>Not just _Riddley Walker_, but anything by Russell Hoban is worth
>reading.  Most of his stuff is "for children," but _The Mouse and His
>Child_ and _La Corona and the Tin Frog_ are good reading for any age.

A caveat: _The Mouse and his Child_ might be frightening for young
children. It is quite frank about animals eating each other, and there
are some moments of sudden violence as a result. Save it till they're
old enough to appreciate that it's one of the best books of all time.
Well, one of *my* favourites, anyway.

I'd like to add a recommendation: _In Limbo_, by Christopher Evans.


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