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From: tony.ellis@futurenet.co.uk (Tony Ellis)
Subject: (urth) Bruce Pennington covers
Date: 6 May 1998 09:57:04 +0100

 Bruce Pennington covers

Dan Parmenter wrote:
>Speaking of Don Maitz and the covers, isn't there also a series of
>covers for the British versions that are by someone else? 

Whenever I read praise for the Maitz covers I feel this evangelical 
urge to champion our own original British covers (not to be
confused with the various naff covers of the later reprints). Thank
you giving me the chance to preach, Dan!

The artist is Bruce Pennington, and for my money his covers 
evoke the romance, the mystery, the great age and the ruinous
beauty of Severian's world like nothing else. The covers for 
Claw and Shadow are the most outstanding, but they all convey -
through tone and colour as much as through what is depicted -
exactly what the reader is in for.

Dan, I'll be happy to scan the covers for you. And anyone else
who has never seen them will be doing themselves a favour if
they take a peek too.

>There's a particular segment
>of SF readership that calls itself "literary fandom" that seems to
>openly despise any SF that attempts to go much beyond space opera

Agreed. SF fans always assume the moral high ground in the great
SF versus Literature conflict, but in fact there's an awful lot of inverted
snobbery in there. And the only thing that's worse than a snob is
an inverted snob.

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