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From: "J. Schultz" <jschultz@wcnet.org>
Subject: (urth) RE:End of Book One
Date: Tue, 5 May 1998 17:55:45 

I don't agree.
While I agree that the solidiers are present by Severian's dream account.
They do not apear to attacking anyone or anything.  They are mearly standing
at the head of the road and keeping people from using it.  The disturbance
IN the wall has created a panic and people are pouring out of the gate in
fear, being pressed against the wall of soldiers, and thus being scattered.
Much like the bouncers at a general admission concert, the soldiers are
forming a wall which is holding back a sea of frenzied humanity.  "On these
riders, the tide of travelers broke as a wave on rock, some turning left,
some right."

However, I do think their may be another hint as to what happened at the
FunkMonkey Theory Two:

Dr. Talos on the creatures inside the wall:  "I do not doubt that there are
among them many who search fo some particular miscreant, and that if they
were to see the one they seek, they would sally out and lay hold of him."
Hethor, as noted by Sev., is hanging his head.  Sev. thinks its due to the
opression of the great wall's enormity and weight felt when passing through
it.  Sev's been wrong before, esp about people's motives.
Could it be that Hethor is wanted for some crime?  The creatures in the
wall, while it's mentioned that they are engineered humans, some could
definitly be cacogens.  Hethor, afraid of being recognized is hanging his
head.  Some sort of interstellar outlaw.  The creatures in the wall see him
and "sally out" to "lay hold of him."  Obviously they don't get him as he
shows up in Saltus.

What would Hethor's crime be?  WARNING:Quantum leap in logic...  He hints at
the fact that he may of been the CAPTAIN of the -quazar-.  "I the old
captain, the old lieutenant, the old c-c-cook in his old kitchen, cooking
soup, cooking broth for the dying pets!"  he has obviously been unbalanced
by the crew stealing his 'doll.'  He claims death (Sev) is his master and
uses the afformentioned line as justification.  Could it be that after
finding his living doll missing (Maybe it showed up with the phantom cat in
another story) Hethor, captain of the -quazar- poisons his crew and kills
them all (cooking soup for the dying pets).  Steals some mirrors, jumps ship
and lives out his days as a fugitive.  Cacogen's and the Autarch brand him a
criminal and are on the look out for him.

Just another leap in logic that I'm good for.  Food for discussion.

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