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From: "Alice Turner" <al@interport.net>
Subject: (urth) Rudesin's pictures
Date: Sun, 3 May 1998 18:55:00 

I got so muddled by all the talk of numerical Sevs that I went back to
Shadow to check---and I'm still muddled. Doesn't anyone but me think he
actually dies at various points, and the first is when he drowns? How can
you talk of Sev1 as being such a jerk--he's just a kid, and how do we know
what he would turn out like? Triskele, Vodalus, Valeria and Thecla are still
to come in his hasty adolescence.

But enough of that. Re Rudesin's pictures: The one he is cleaning is
obviously of Neil Armstrong on the moon. Does anyone recognize the others?
"...a dancer whose wings seemed leeches, a silent-looking woman who gripped
a double-bladed dagger and sat beneath a mortuary mask." Fantastic realism
reigns in the pinakotheka, not the "drippers and spitters" currently popular
in the House Absolute.

That second one seems sort of late Victorian, Rosetti or Burne-Jones,
doesn't it? Anyone hear a bell ring? Of course, they could all be science
fiction art, covers of magazine issues Wolfe has appeared in---that would be
a good joke! (And a real possibility.)


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