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From: m.driussi@genie.geis.com
Subject: (urth) Seven Severians
Date: Sat,  2 May 98 20:22:00 GMT

Sev1: ProtoS, proto-Severian, Severian the Cruel.  Goes to Thrax,
War, gains Throne, goes to Yesod, comes back.

Sev2: the putative Narrator, the optimized Severian.  Gets Claw;
meets Apu; goes to Thrax; meets Typhon; meets Ash; gains Throne; gets
on ship bound for Yesod--dies on ship.

Sev3: Avatar of Change, The Conciliator.  Goes to Yesod; <trigger
point> creates the white fountain (not blood magic this time);
returns to Urth as Conciliator; <trigger point> gives Claw to
soldiers (then dies on Mount Typhon and goes independent of Severian
the Narrator?); goes to the Deluge; dies in Deluge (go to Sev6).

Sev4: the white fountain.  Linked to Severian the Narrator.  Enters
new phase (not so closely bound to Severian) when it merges with
the Old Sun to create the New Sun.

Sev5: the Claw of the Conciliator.  Independent, but possibly has
memories of Sev1's penitence in Yesod--this becomes the guide for

Sev6: Avatar of Culture.  Apu Punchau.  Goes as far back in time as
he can; teaches civilization; is murdered; becomes independent of
Severian the Narrator <trigger point>.

Sev7: the Sleeper God of Ushas.

Still unaccounted for: Severian armiger of the mausoleum in the
necropolis at the Citadel of the Autarch.  Best candidate for this
soldier at the dawn of the Age of the Autarch would be a revived,
independent sliver of Sev3, after the Narrative spirit had moved on.


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