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From: m.driussi@genie.geis.com
Subject: (urth) Korea was mentioned?
Date: Fri,  1 May 98 03:17:00 GMT

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Christopher Culver,

"Korea was just mentioned a few pages before [before Jonas started
speaking a foreign language]."  Really?  Mentioned by name?  I must
have slept through that.

Unless you mean that "Kimleesoong" is the secret name of "Korea"
itself? :)

Speaking of "sinking lands," I've always assumed that the sinking
lands that Jonas is referring to in the Kimleesoong bit was the
Xanthic continent which, in sinking, formed the Xanthic Isles.
Furthermore, that this Xanthic continent (oh, let's call it
Australasia) was home to the Asiatic-yet-posthistorical starfaring
ethnic group.  The Atlantis/Mu motif, which plays an important part
with the deluge at the end.

(Like how the terraforming of Venus and Mars was done by the
quasi-Norse, and the terraforming of the Moon was accomplished by the
pseudo-French, as hinted at by their respective new names.  In this
way we, or I at least, receive the impression of wave after wave of
successive superscience civilizations: Asiatic, Norsk, and French.
In addition to the dead languages of quasi-Latin, quasi-Greek,
quasi-Hebrew, etc.  All analogous rather than "real.")

Another wonder: is "monosyllabic and nasal" equal to "gobbling
singsong" (I, ch. 35)?  Yes, no, maybe, sometimes?


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