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From: CRCulver@aol.com
Subject: (urth) Severian's Family
Date: Fri, 2 Jan 1998 01:30:00 

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     We know (have guessed, rather) that Severian's mother is Katherine and
his sister is Merryn (previously Severa). My question is: who is Severian's
father. If Katherine was being tortured whilst in the Citadel, and was
pregnant with Severian and Merryn, where did she come from? I tend to think
that Katherine was in much the same position as Thecla, i.e. she was an
exultant who was captured and taken to the Guild of Torturers. Then, can we
say that Severian's father was an Exultant? I seem to recall Severian
mentioning his exultant-like height somewhere in the BotNS.

Yes, ii's shaky reasoning, but I'm good at it <g>
So, what do you all think?

Christopher R. Culver <crculver@aol.com>
"Ignorance, that light of fools steers a wayward path"
-Brendan Perry

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