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From: m.driussi@genie.com
Subject: (urth) BrownBook5foldHero
Date: Wed,  3 Dec 97 18:21:00 GMT

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Tony Ellis,

Re: the five stage hero of the brown book.

The shortest answer is:
 1. Birth
 2. Initiation
 3. Reign
 4. Repose
 5. Death

The medium answer is: read my essay ("A Closer Look at the Brown
Book") on the subject in "The New York Review of Science Fiction No.
54," 2-93.

The full experience is: read THE WHITE GODDESS by Robert Graves, then
re-read all the brown book stories, and finally, if you simply must,
read my essay.

Dragon Press
P.O. Box 78
Pleasantville NY 10570
(one issue: $3.50)


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