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From: m.driussi@genie.com
Subject: (urth) E&G play
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 97 21:08:00 GMT

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(My holiday plan was the lesser rather than the longer we had
originally planned--so I'm back already!)


TS as a live performance would be a riot--and a welcome change from
"The Nutcracker Suite" seeing as how it is seasonal!

Meanwhile, back to the play "Eschatology & Genesis" (hereafter E&S).

It seems to me that there are at least two main scenes left to be
seen: the deluge itself and the genesis.  (What about the
"eschatology" or judgement scene?  Tricky question.  Normally we
think of eschatology as the final judgement, after death; but in a
sense a judgement was made and the deluge is the sentence!  However,
URTH OF THE NEW SUN clearly has a judgement scene on Yesod, if not
all the weird things that happen on ship Tzadkiel--covering a
catalogue of heresies and legends surrounding the crucifixion of
Jesus.  But since that happens out of Briah's time frame, where to
place it within a play?  Before the flood?  After the flood?  During
the flood--i.e., those who survive are "chosen"?)

Basically what has to happen is: the flood erases civilization; the
New Sun arrives to take the place of the Old Sun; a new agreement is
worked out with the Moon; Angelic Beings explain stuff to Adam and Eve,
either the judgement itself, and/or the relation of humans to the
Increate, and/or how to grow crops, build huts, and other civilization
jump starts.  (To make it extra cyclical, the play should end with
Adam being crowned as the first Autarch of Ushas!)


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