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From: m.driussi@genie.com
Subject: (urth) FIREFLI-I-A-I-A-I!
Date: Tue,  4 Nov 97 05:18:00 GMT

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Glad you like the firefly--something just clicked in my head.  I
guess we or I (if there are such distinctions anymore) just reached
critical mass--listen, this is kinda scarey--'member the mine at
Saltus?  Sure you do.  'Member the man-apes?  Course you do.  But at
first ol' Severian couldn't tell what they was, just points of light
off in the distance . . . five pointed stars . . . glowing . . . with
phosphorescence . . . like man-size fireflies . . .

I have to go lie down now.


P.S.  Oh yeah, one last thing--a fire fly is also known as a
"lightning bug."  Re: wand of Cim ("But don't call her `Wanda,'


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