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From: adam louis stephanides <astephan@students.uiuc.edu>
Subject: (urth) Count Dead Narrators
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 1997 14:45:21 

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On Fri, 24 Oct 1997 urth-errors@lists.best.com wrote:

> From: m.driussi@genie.com
> Subject: (urth) Count Dead Narrators

> Re: "two dead heroes are okay, three or four are obsessive" or
> whatever the numbers were, heh-heh, not to be too much of a mischief
> maker, but let's count:

I have to admit, I hadn't realized there are so many, but it does
seem to me you've overstated a bit:


Should having died and been resurrected be considered in the same
category as being dead throughout the story?

> 7. "Forlesen" (another of my top favorites)

I would tend to doubt this, though I could be wrong.

> 8. "The Packerhaus Method"

The protagonist dies in the course of the story, so perhaps
again shouldn't be in the same category.

> 9. "Peritonitis"

It's not exactly the hero who's dead here.

> 10. "To the Dark Tower Came"?
> 11. "V.R.T." of FIFTH HEAD? (More a case of assumed identity?)

I'd say the latter, since it is a living man impersonating a
dead man.
> Did I leave any out?  Or overstate?  Surely I must be overstating it!
> =mantis=


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