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From: m.driussi@genie.com
Subject: (urth) Suzanne's secret
Date: Sun, 13 Jul 97 20:14:00 GMT

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     She spoke to me of myself, my family, my social background.  She
said: "Oh, I know your parents know some very nice people.  You're a
friend of Robert Forestier and Suzanne Delage."  For a moment these
names conveyed absolutely nothing to me.  But suddenly I remembered
that I had indeed played as a child in the Champs-Elysees with Robert
Forestier, whom I had never seen since.  As for Suzanne Delage, she
was the great-niece of Mme Blandais, and I had once been due to go to
a dancing lesson, and even to take a small part in a play at her
parents' house.  But the fear of getting a fit of giggles and a
nose-bleed had at the last moment prevented me, so that I had never
set eyes on her. I had at the most a vague idea that I had once heard
that the Swanns' feather-hatted governess had at one time been with
the Delages, but perhaps it was only a sister of this governess, or a
friend.  I protested to Albertine that Robert Forestier and Suzanne
Delage occupied a very small place in my life.  "That may be; but
your mothers are friends, I can place you by that.  I often pass
Suzanne Delage in the Avenue de Messine.  I admire her style."  Our
mothers were acquainted only in the imagination of Mme Bontemps,
who having heard that I had at one time played with Robert Forestier,
to whom, it appeared, I used to recite poetry, had concluded from
that that we were bound by family ties.  She could never, I gathered,
hear my mother's name mentioned without observing: "Oh yes, she
belongs to the Delage-Forestier set," giving my parents a good mark
which they had done nothing to deserve.

[Oh, now who could =that= be? <g>]

[Proust, THE GUERMANTES WAY, Chapter Two, p. 381-382]


P.S.  There is, of course, more to this story.  For example, what was
the book the narrator was reading that set him off on his mental
journeying?  It =might= be Proust, it certainly =reads= like Proust,
but if it is Proust it didn't jump out at me, even after I'd found our
girl SD in Proust (and that =is= her only Proustian appearance).
Otherwise the story seems like another PEACE satellite tale (I don't
believe the town is ever named, but the tenor is the same).


P.S.S.  What if I'm making all this up? <g>


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